Nina Raman is a 20 year old author. Her most recent work was her debut YA Murder Mystery, Everything You Wanted. Since it's April release, it has hit Barnes & Noble stores across the country, making an appearance on many #Booktok displays.

Everything You Wanted is published by New Degree Press.

Nina is currently working on a sequel, a YA thriller series, and also screenwriting a pilot for a single camera sitcom she hopes to bring to the big screen soon.



Everything You Wanted


What would happen if the kids you went to school with decided to break out of their stereotypes? What if the smart kids took a walk on the wild side? Would it be fun and enlightening, or would it make their whole world fall apart? 

In Everything You Wanted, Wren Clements has spent her entire life trying to be perfect. Her high school career is about to end, and Wren wants nothing more than to live like a normal teenager for one crazy, lawless night. Willing to risk her A+ grades, extracurriculars, and even her spot at UPenn, Wren and her best friend, Rohit, decide to embark on an evening filled with things they would never do and quickly find there are two sides to everyone. But when someone she knows turns up dead the next morning, things begins to unravel. Could this star student be the perfect suspect, or could this be the perfect crime?

Available in eBook and Paperback (Hardcover soon)
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